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I Joined the Bandwagon: ChicoBag and To-go Ware

I am still putting myself first, but I still acknowledge that I am one of those terrible people who sometimes forget their reusable grocery bags or silverware because they aren’t easily portable!  Well I gave into consumerism and bought To-go Ware and a ChicoBag!

I’ve been skeptical about the ChicoBag since I first heard about it.  Y’all know how some things are meant to be carried in a little pouch like that but in reality you can never get it to fit right.  You end up wasting more time than it is even worth!  I was worried this would be like that and I’d be back in the same boat of forgetting my grocery bag!

It actually is very very easy to put it back in the little pouch!  And trust me I’m very very lazy so it really is easy!

I am also really happy with my To-go Ware.  It’s so cute and it’s so light weight!  I don’t even notice the additional weight in my purse of these two items!

I could not recommend these products more!  You know what my stocking stuffers for my family are going to be!

Let me know if you have these products or anything similar that you like!

Recycling: Good or Bad?

Recycling is an easy way for people to feel like they are helping save our country and the Earth!  And it doesn’t even take much more effort than not recycling!  This is a good thing right?

Well, maybe.

People use more plastic and paper when recycling was an option versus when they had to send it to the landfill.  Researchers say people’s guilt for wasting is overridden by the good feelings for doing something good, but there is a reason reduce comes before recycle in the old “REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE.”  Reducing is the most important and most effective way to save the Earth!

I’m not saying recycling is bad!  It’s great!  Many people think that people who care about recycling also care about reducing, reusing, and other methods of reducing their footprint. It turns out there are different motivators at play.  People commonly feel guilty for using more than they need, but they feel even more positive emotion from doing the “right thing” and recycling.  This means the net feeling is good when people waste, but recycle the excess.

Some of the excess that goes in the recycling may end up incinerated or sent to the landfill anyway.  This is due to contamination in the recycling process.  This is why it’s important that people don’t try to recycle things they shouldn’t.

I am definitely not telling you to stop recycling, but do think about the things you use, reduce/reuse where you can and keep recycling!