Recycling Bins and Water Bottles in Schools

Showing love for the country and nature in general requires us to not have overflowing landfills dirtying up our beautiful lands and waters.

No school buildings should be without recycling bins. You’d be surprised by how many schools don’t have any recycling bins on their campus.  The amount of paper thrown away during my years was honestly outrageous.

Although recycling plastic is good, using less plastic is great!  It should not be a large issue because reusable water bottles should be highly encouraged. Reusable water bottles with school logos could be given away as prizes as well as to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. This way there should be no excuse for purchasing or using disposable plastic water bottles. The buildings will also be equipped with filtered water in each building, but especially the cafeteria. There is no reason for kids to not have clean drinking water while at school!  Students’ water bottles should be the main drink source for students as opposed to disposable milk or soda cartons/bottles. Water has a smaller water and carbon footprint than any other drink available and the health benefits are practically endless.

My university had a similar idea with school logos on water bottles and filtered water in many academic buildings!  You can see these bottles in the picture above.

If you don’t have a reusable water bottle, what are you doing reading this??? Go get one!