I think the key to a better future is effective and early education about important topics such as environmentalism, equality, etc.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Nature

Sometimes it can be hard to continuously find motivation to reach your goals.  Second thoughts come up such as,

Is it really worth carrying around all these reusable bags?


Can’t I just buy a plastic water bottle when I get to the gym?

and even

A Big-Mac sounds good right about now!


Canoeing the Mississippi River with Quapaw Canoe Company (Clarksdale, Mississippi)

Everyone’s goals and second thoughts are different, but if you haven’t had them yet, I’m sure you will! (or I’m very proud of you!)

When I am hearing these thoughts, it is hard to snap out of it.  The only sure way I know to get back to where you want (and need) to be is to venture into nature!  Petting a few animals reminds me why I choose to be vegetarian.  Swimming in a lake and seeing all the fish and animals reminds me why I don’t use plastic.  Those animals don’t deserve to eat the plastic or have it stuck around their necks!

Seeing beautiful trees and greenery reminds me why I don’t want to cause any harm to our dear Earth!


looking out at the lake and the mountains in the distance at Linville Land Harbor (Linville, North Carolina)


I know that not everyone has access to all of the beauty I have seen this summer (hope you like these pictures!), but there are other ways!  Fresh air always helps clear the mind.  If you want, you can send me a message, and I’ll send you pictures!  You can always find pictures from actual professional photographers online too!

No matter how you personally choose to do it, I ask you to meditate on the beauty of our Earth and how you treat our home.


Environmentalists: What are they? Am I one? Can I be one?

According to Merriam-Webster, environmentalism is advocacy of the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment; especially:  the movement to control pollution.

I am always up for advocating for those whose voices are not heard.  The Earth is a special case because she has been trying to warn us with rising temperatures, mass extinction, and increased infections/illnesses due to smog, but we are not listening!!!


me hugging a very big tree

When someone says “environmentalism,” many people think about tree-huggers, “extreme” vegans, bicyclists who don’t shower, “hippies” who don’t shave, a crazy lady who yells at you for not recycling, and any other stereotype that may or may not be true about me.  It turns out plenty of people fit into those categories who aren’t concerned about environmentalism and plenty of environmentalists don’t fit into those categories!  You don’t have to be all (or any) of these people in order to start on your path to advocating for the natural environment.  Your path does not even have to be towards these descriptions!



me hugging a not so big tree

Questions have circulated such as “Can you call yourself an environmentalist and still eat meat?” and “Can you call yourself an environmentalist if you have kids?”  I definitely think you can and I think you can do a lot of good!  I am not arguing that reducing meat consumption and population would not have a positive impact on the environment.  It definitely would, but that should not stop someone from having access to the environmentalism community.  There are so many more things we can do together such as recycle, take shorter showers, not buying fast fashion, reduce storm water runoff with bioswales, grow fresh food, reduce energy consumption, research renewable energy options, use reusable shopping bags, plant trees, and literally so much more!  You don’t have to do everything as long as you’re not doing nothing!

As an environmentalism community we should ask for change from each other and expect change from ourselves. We should advocate for a shift towards environmentally friendly actions, but also be welcoming and accessible to those who are not ready or even able to make big changes. Each positive action or reduction of negative actions add up!  No two environmentalists are the same so our goals may not be the same.  Regardless, we need to support each other!

Let me know your current goals below!  And let me know if you agree that meat-eating, children-having, car-driving, (anything else-doing) people are members of our community.