Ecofeminism: Other

As mentioned in my post about Ecofeminism, these philosophies can be divided into three different categories. This post will cover the last of the three. The first one was covered here and the second one was covered here.

The third kind of ecofeminist ethic is environmental justice-focused ethics. This kind of ethic appeals to (mainly) distributive models of social justice to show why, for example, the disproportionate distribution of environmental harms to women and children (particularly poor minority women who are single heads of households with children under the age of eighteen) constitutes a social and environmental injustice. They focus on ways these harms are caused by such environmental problems as unsanitary water, the location of hazard waste sites, and environmental toxins.

These perspectives and positions tend to be new or currently emerging. The scholarship in feminist environmental philosophy is expanding in a variety of novel ways.


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