Plogging on Global Running Day!

Today is Global Running Day! This day is very near and dear to my heart because I used to run cross country in high school. I have been pretty inconsistent with my running since I injured my knee in high school, but this new Swedish trend is getting me back into it!

What trend?


What is plogging?

Sweden’s latest exercise trend, plogging, has made its way across the world, including my hometown in Mississippi and here in Germany! The term is a mash-up of jogging and  “plocka upp” in Swedish or “pick up” in English.

There are plogging groups across the world, but they seem to be the most widespread in Scandinavia and Germany. I’ve been doing it for years without a term for it and I’m sure others have as well. I’ve heard of people calling the activity Trashercize. Honestly, I think that term might actually be even cooler!

Whatever you call it, the activity helps more than just the environment (as if that’s not a good enough reason), it’ll also get you killer leg muscles. It’s essentially squats and running.

I hope this trend catches on. Most people could use some extra exercise and the activity definitely won’t be the same movements over and over again! And we all know the Earth could always use some extra loving!


You don’t even have to run!

My friends and I did a variety of things during my last week in America.

Walking Around the Neighborhood


Marissa (, Kris ( and Rebecca

Hiking a Trail


Me and the girls at the Tuxachanie Trail!


Our first experience carrying tires!



Strolling the Beach


Rebecca and Kris at Ocean Springs Beach which had more Cigarette Butts than people!




Exercise is good for the body and the mind AND NOW the environment too! I hope you enjoy Global Running Day and a good plog!

Peace out,



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