Month: December 2017

I Joined the Bandwagon: ChicoBag and To-go Ware

I am still putting myself first, but I still acknowledge that I am one of those terrible people who sometimes forget their reusable grocery bags or silverware because they aren’t easily portable!  Well I gave into consumerism and bought To-go Ware and a ChicoBag!

I’ve been skeptical about the ChicoBag since I first heard about it.  Y’all know how some things are meant to be carried in a little pouch like that but in reality you can never get it to fit right.  You end up wasting more time than it is even worth!  I was worried this would be like that and I’d be back in the same boat of forgetting my grocery bag!

It actually is very very easy to put it back in the little pouch!  And trust me I’m very very lazy so it really is easy!

I am also really happy with my To-go Ware.  It’s so cute and it’s so light weight!  I don’t even notice the additional weight in my purse of these two items!

I could not recommend these products more!  You know what my stocking stuffers for my family are going to be!

Let me know if you have these products or anything similar that you like!

An Improved Lesson on Putting Myself First

Here we go again!

This semester was all about… well, everything except me.

  • Tutoring anyone and everyone who asked
  • Helping my friends and family struggling mentally and physically
  • German club planning and chairing
  • Watching over the girls who lived in the building I was employed in
  • Sending out emails and tweeting for organizations I belonged to
  • Spreading the word about environmentalism
  • Driving people where they needed to go
  • Studying hard for classes I was told to take

Somehow I ended up rarely eating, sleeping, or breathing. Before I even acknowledged there was a problem, I ended up in an eating disorder treatment facility. I was still in disbelief and worried about letting everyone down because I was no longer able to fill my obligations bulleted above.

I felt guilty and ashamed. I attempted to slip out of my life without anyone noticing.

Since then I have noticed that shame hates when we tell our story so that is exactly what I am going to start doing.

I never really thought that I was special or different. But I did. I expected myself to accomplish more than what I expected of others. I criticized myself more than anyone else. I reminded everyone that nobody is perfect, but hated myself for my imperfections.

Now I believe I am closer than ever to living an authentic life. The final six weeks of the semester were dedicated to healing and authenticity. I did not end the semester perfectly. I ended it a lot different than the beginning would have suggested.

It has been hard to put my life on hold, but when I return I will be living life in a way I never had before. I will be real, perfectly imperfect, and courageous.

I have always wanted to be courageous, but I didn’t think it was possible.  Mary Daly’s words inspired me when she said,

Courage is like — it’s a habitus, a habit, a virtue:  You get it by courageous acts.  It’s like you learn to swim by swimming.  You learn courage by couraging.

This post is proof that I am couraging.

I hope to continue the trend of sharing my truth. Let me know what y’all think!