Classroom Education

As a follow up to my last post about education as a foundation for lifelong love for the Earth, I know we can’t spend all day every day outside! But there are ways to appropriately add in natural education to lesson plans and the classroom environment. The amount of windows within a school building should increase. A glimpse of nature will contribute more to a child’s educations than all the posters in the world. Classrooms should have few decorations and should mirror nature as much as possible.  It is important to feel a connection to the outside and get some natural light.

I hope children will realize that certain animals and weather patterns are not inherently scary and bad. I used to hate rain, but without rain, there wouldn’t be beautiful flowers and fresh food to eat! Dogs and anything dog-like used to scare me half to death! But many of them are loving and even if they aren’t, they still have a right to the Earth just as much as we do!

And as boring as children may find it at times, it is important to have the academic background to understand pH and Newton’s laws before testing them out in the natural world!


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